Should you get a parti poodle?

Though poodles are usually associated with solid colors, like black or white, parti dogs are getting more and more popular with dog owners all around the world. A parti is a dog with the main color being white and the second color being another one, provided that the white color occupies more than 50% of the dog’s body. The cool thing about these dogs is that you never know what kind of a pattern they will eventually get as the coloring changes throughout their lives. 

What makes parties so fascinating? 

When you get a new parti poodle litter, it’s like a birthday gift. You never know what you are going to get, but it’s surely going to be a surprise!

Though there’s a lot of people who think that the partis are prohibited from taking part in AKC competitions, it’s not so and they are actually allowed and recognized in Europe. And in the United States, the first club for multi-colored poodles was created in 2002, while it arranged the first show in 2006. You can take part in many competitions with your parti poodle, showing off the obedience and agility of your pup. And whenever you do that, you’ll feel and selected and positively different from other poodles who are solid and boring. This makes partis so much fun to have and play with.