We promised we’ll bring to you a series of ‘celebrity interviews’, a casual chit-chat with socialmedia celebs who are effectively using different social networking channels. We have already brought to you the interviews of Ruhani Rabin and Sarah Jayne Gratton. Today we bring you another interesting interview, that of aRead More →

Have you heard of Spanchat? You probably did, if you are a marketer and are targeting teens, who have access to smart phones. The mobile app is unique in its functionality. But before that, let’s discuss why you should read the article and consider integrating the app into your onlineRead More →

As industry experts say, social media is a must for every business. It is one of the easier ways to generate leads, connect with your target audience, make them aware of your services or products, create a brand out of a business and sometimes keep an eye on your competitors.Read More →