Stunning tool for sheet music and midi for piano

A MIDI keyboard is a piano keyboard with the ability to connect to other devices via a MIDI interface, for transmitting MIDI signals or commands via USB. The main feature of MIDI keyboards from the synthesizer is that they do not produce sound. Instead, each sheet music and MIDI for piano is sent as a MIDI message that can be sent to an electronic sound module, external synthesizer, tablet, or computer and use their capabilities to play a variety of digital sounds.

Using MIDI keyboards has several advantages: It is convenient, there is no need to have keyboard synthesizers at your disposal, it is enough to acquire its analogs, digital or modular, and one MIDI keyboard. These devices are multifunctional, using them, you can record sounds into a sequencer program, control various parameters, with the help of dedicated controllers, and as a rule, they are not expensive. Having played the notes on the midi keyboard, you can write them down, then edit them, correct the rhythm, transpose them, save the notes to a file, and print them in the form of finished sheet music and MIDI for piano.

Not all MIDI devices are made in the form of a piano; many of them are controllers with buttons that also transmit MIDI signals, and are sensitive to the force of pressing. Thanks to the MIDI protocol used in each of the types of MIDI controllers, and variable coding schemes, a wide variety of options are available. MIDI keyboard is an ideal tool for working with computers, tablets, with any devices capable of reproducing sound – synthesizers, samplers, etc.