How to use Reddit for driving traffic to your business?

Reddit is an excellent social bookmarking site and it can drive a huge traffic to your website or blog.
If should sound motivating enough to you to join and share your links on the platform. But you may end up in disappointment and frustration, if you limit yourself to posting only some links.

If you have already used Reddit and tried to drive traffic to your web pages from this social bookmarking site, you must know it for a fact that it is not an easy job. One needs to be honest, sincere, consistent and social in order to succeed on Reddit.
Before we jump on how to use Reddit effectively for driving traffic, let’s discuss some of the important features of the platform.

Read + Edit = Reddit!

Up Votes and Down Votes: If you look at any submitted link on Reddit, you will find an up and down arrow. The up arrow is a thumps up while the down arrow implies a thumbs down to the post . This voting system is available for comments as well.

Karma: Karma signifies points. You get a plus point when you obtain an up-vote and a minus point when you get a down-vote for your link or comment. If your total karma goes below a certain point, your profile can be banned.
Sub-reddits: Sub-reddits are nothing but categories to submit a link. One link, one sub-reddit. So, you need to choose the sub-reddit carefully. It should be contextual to your link.

How to share on Reddit:
Create a profile and sign in.
Look at the right hand upper corner of the site.
Click on ‘Submit a new link’.

Make the title of the link as interesting as possible, but do keep it in sync with the content.

Do not use URL shorteners, as Reddit finds them fishy.
While choosing the sub-reddit, there are 2 factors. Be careful to select the most perfect one. And the second is, the number of subscribers of the sub-reddit. Traffic depends on both these factors.

For example, if you want to submit a link on «Social media ROI», /r/webmarketing would be better fitting than /r/technology, no matter if the latter has a higher number of subscribers.
Now let’s see how