5 Appliances Break Down More Often Than Others

Investing in major appliances can take a toll on your budget. With the right maintenance and timely repair, you can extend the lifespan of all of them. However, some units tend to break down more often than others. They need your attention the most.

These appliances usually:

  •         Contact water often
  •         Have intricate electrical makeup
  •         Require frequent maintenance
  •         Don’t always stop working when something goes wrong, making matters worse

Let’s look at the appliances that break down more often than others.

1. Washers

Washing machines work with water. Every cycle, they have to contact this damaging element, which leads to rusting, leaks, mold formation, and the like. Meanwhile, they take a lot of wear and tear, especially during harsh spinning cycles.

Washers are complex. They have numerous regimes. Without proper maintenance and care, human error could contribute to the breakdown. Overloading washers is the most common mistake owners make. It could lead to leaks, higher energy consumption, misbalance, and eventually breakdown.

2. Dryers

Dryers need regular cleaning and maintenance. They have intricate electrical makeup and complex design. These appliances have to maintain the proper temperature while taking a lot of beating from the clothing moving around the drum.

According to Jacksonville appliance repair specialists, just as with washers, the key reason for breakdowns is human error.  Overloading the dryer or forgetting to clean the lint screen could cause serious problems for the appliance.

3. Fridges

The average lifespan of a refrigerator is about 10 years. However, before they give out completely, these appliances tend to break down at least a couple of times.

The most common reason for the fridge breakdown is dirty condenser coils. Most owners pay extra attention to keeping the inside of the refrigerator clean while ignoring the outside.

Simpler models are less prone to breakdowns. Meanwhile, fridges with smart options as well as icemakers or dispensers need special care. Without it, they break down more often than their simpler counterparts do.

4. Dishwashers

Just like washing machines, dishwashers are exposed to water, which makes them prone to breakdowns. Cleaning the appliance properly could be the key to its longevity. Meanwhile, it’s important to inspect the unit regularly to catch problems before they cause severe damage.

5. HVAC Units

HVAC units break down more often than the rest of the appliances put together. They require more care than your other appliances because of their complexity and variety of functions. It’s important to leave HVAС maintenance to professionals.

All the above appliances are an integral part of any household. By setting up proper maintenance schedules and taking the time to read the manual, you can avoid costly breakdowns.