The Main Advantages of the Juvederm Dermal Filler

Juvederm fillers are represented by a whole line of products. Their main ingredient is American-made hyaluronic acid. The manufacturing company is Allergan. The fillers are widely used in contour plasty procedures. They are suitable for anti-aging correction and complex facial modeling.

Juvederm Description

Any Juvederm product is well-known and popular. It is produced in syringes equipped with thin needles, in order to simplify the cosmetology process. Like most other fillers, the composition includes a synthetic analogue of hyaluronic acid of natural origin. The preparations of this line are popular not only with women who undergo injection procedures, but also with cosmetologists. They are evenly distributed under the skin, stay active for a long time and have virtually no adverse reactions.

Juvederm Advantages

This brand has managed to firmly and securely find its niche in the market of beauty and youthfulness. And this is not surprising, because its products are notable for a large number of positive characteristics:

  • absolute safety due to the absence of components of animal origin in the composition;
  • the optimal level of acid concentration, which ensures the simplicity and ease of administering the composition, long-term preservation in the tissues;
  • the presence of phosphate buffer in the composition to ensure the prevention of inflammation;
  • the presence of an anesthetic composition for the patient’s comfort.

The line of the preparations presents a wide variety of gels which you can find in this catalogue. Each of them has its own density and is used in the presence of a certain range of indications. The preparation has received large-scale popularization for the reason that each user can choose the optimal composition depending on their indications, needs and wishes.

Juvederm Distinctive Features and Characteristics

The fillers contain hyaluronic acid, the concentration of which is record high. In this regard, experts use these substances in situations where the achievement of a pronounced effect is required. The preparations are transparent gels of high viscosity. They come into the market in sterile syringes which are firmly and hermetically sealed. In the line there is a large variety of preparations of different levels of density. Therefore, the cosmetologist can easily select the appropriate composition, focusing on the patient’s individual needs.

The gel that is inside the syringe is excessively saturated with moisture. Therefore, after administration, it is well absorbed by tissues of organic origin. Along with this, it has a pronounced accumulative property. Therefore, the result of the application can be seen within a day after the procedure. And it is almost always pronounced and saturated.

The preparation can be used singly and in combination with other preparations, which gives it a significant advantage. The patient does not have to wait for a long time for it to resolve in order to use a new filler. When correction of several areas of the face is performed, two or more product lines are used. The preparation is effective for carrying out light contour plasty and volumetric modeling of the face. It makes it possible to arrange the following procedures:

  • rhinoplasty;
  • augmentation of cheekbone contour;
  • improvement in the shape of the cheeks;
  • chin correction.

All these operations will help people who want to get a new image, but do not dare to go under the knife.