Using Rhetorical StrategiesFor Showing Credibility

To pursue the credibility and trust of the audience, you need to set the rhetoric devices in a perfect combination and avoid all the logical fallacies that make you lose credibility.

Use of ethos, pathos, and logos

  • Ethos can be used to establish one’s trust and authority so that the audience can easily establish a moral connection with the readers.
  • Pathos should be used by the writers to provoke the emotions of the readers and have them take action as well. Stirring the readers depends on the use of pathos.
  • Logos refers to the use of rational analysis and logical explanations by the writers. Sometimes common logic can be used as well to convince the readers of the words the writer is trying to convey.
  • All three elements must be used properly and the writer’s passion and enthusiasm should also be reflected in writing. Any piece of writing should also end with a well-written and reflective conclusion. Hence, using these rhetorical strategies, the author’s message can easily reach readers.

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