Tokenize your arts: become a blockchain artist

Are you an artist? Do you have great works? Do you want to raise more awareness and draw more eyes?

If yes, then you should look into Predictive Art which has been doing a stealth revolution in arts auctioning.

What you get as an artist

Using this blockchain art marketplace, you get the following benefits.

First, all transactions are recorded on the blockchain to assure that nobody can steal your works. The blockchain is similar to a giant ledger that contains all the information about who bought what, when and from whom.

Second, the blockchain helps assure that everybody can easily check the province. Thus, nobody can sell “fake you”.

Third, you can reach an untapped market of tech-inclined nerdy clientele who will clamor for your works created at the junction of blockchain and arts. What can be sexier for blockchain buffs.

You’ve already bumped into the blockchain and Predictive Art, it’s destiny. You need to look into this more. If you try and get into the action now, you might be remembered as one of the pioneering guys. And you what usually happens to their pieces, right?