Things You Need to Know About AvaTrade Before You Join

If you look for a new online broker, you are sure to have heard about AvaTrade already. This company works on the international level and is licensed in many European countries, Australia, Japan, etc. Originally, from Dublin, Ireland, it’s been around for over a decade. Before you sing up, there are a few things you need to know. Let’s find them out.

The overview of the company

AvaTrade was founded in 2006. It follows all legal guidelines as it’s controlled by the regulatory bodies of different countries. What does it mean for the company’s users? The online broker is safe, reliable, and works hard to deliver the best trading experience. Over 200k users have chosen this company.

In addition, an Avatrade review also proves that the company takes great pains to deliver excellent support system. The award-winning customer’s support is always ready to help with any occurring issues. It’s one of the company’s core values and is so appealing to the traders.

The online broker also values fairness and integrity. You can rely on this company and enjoy the best trading experience.

The main characteristics

Every user has a chance to decide whether he wants a demo account or a regular one. In addition, there are lots of educational materials and an affiliate program. When you get a regular account and deposit $100, you are sure to get a welcome bonus and access different promotions.